Huh?? So you might have asked yourself...what in the world does "rtqotm" stand for? Runners Traveling Quietly On The Moon? Nope. What about R2D2 Trembles Quickly Over Texas' Mack Brown . Not that either. It stands for:

Random trivia question of the month!!


What is Eric Liddell’s real nickname? (the famous runner of “Chariots of Fire”)?

a) Scotland's greatest

b) Captain Speedy

c) the running mesiah

d) the flying Scotsman

drumroll please...

The correct answer is:

d) the flying Scotsman

Eric Liddell was a famous Scottish athlete and missionary. He attended the University of Edinburgh and graduated in 1924. He ran in the 1924 Paris Olympics and is well known for refusing to run the 100 meter race because it fell on a Sunday. He ended up running in the 400 meter race, winning gold, and captured bronze in the 200 meter race. His story is made famous in the movie "Chariots of Fire", a great running film.

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