Paraiba Brazil Home of the Paraiba Tourmaline

Take a running tour to the Brazilian state of Paraiba and be on the road to discovering Brazil’s best kept secret. Paraiba is situated between Brazil’s two most visited places: Pernambuco, which is full of historic sites, and Rio Grande do Norte, which is noted for its beaches.

The state of Paraiba offers the best of both worlds. On one hand its beaches have remained largely untouched and on the other, it has retained much its historic flavor, with small rural villages with its rich folklore, crafts and incomparable cookery. All throughout the states you can see natural sites and architectural landmarks.

Paraiba can de divided into three regions, the 200 km-wide lowlands, the Borborema mountain chain, and the western continuation of the Borborema. It is within the Borborema mountain chain you can find the Paraiba tourmaline mines.

Paraiba tourmaline gemstones are among the rarest gemstones in the world, and the most expensive too. They are even rarer than diamonds and are very difficult to mind because they have to be mined by hand. They were discovered in 1989 largely through the efforts of gem miner Heitor Dimas Barbosa. Heitor began digging in the hills of Paraiba, and he only extracted the Paraiba tourmaline five years after he began mining.

Today, the mines in Paraiba are still standing, although other Paraiba tourmalines are already being mined in Nigeria and Mozambique. They are part of today's higher end jewelry many pieces such as paraiba tourmaline rings can be found at high end retailers.

We highly recommend you take a trip to Paraiba and run through the great things that Paraiba has to offer – from its undiscovered beaches, its historic countryside, to the Paraiba mines. Especially the Paraiba tourmaline mines. Discover this largely undiscovered state and find yourself indulging in its sounds and sites. 

So whether you plan an active vacation alone, with your loved one, your family, or your running friends, we guarantee you are going to experience the most precious moments in Paraiba. Book us for this new tour.

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