Notes On An Actual Organized Vacation Run
With the Los Angeles Replacement Window Company

Just last month, we were pleased to organize a company vacation for the entire staff of BH Kruper Construction, a Los Angeles-based Replacement Window Remodeling Company. From the Los Angeles airport, the 50-strong staff landed on the Buenos Aires international airport. They were chanting "No more vinyl windows, No more wood windows, No more bay windows for another week."

As with all our other “running” tour packages, the plan was to have our guests run as much as they could at their own pace for one long weekend – from Friday, the day after they arrived in Buenos Aires, to Sunday afternoon. We didn’t really expect BH Kruper’s employees to go beyond Buenos Aires within that span of time. Most of them, after all, did not take up running as an exercise. And besides, Buenos Aires was such a beautiful city, we expected most, if not all of them, to make some stops and take in the view.

We were not disappointed.

The group of BH Kruper’s employees ran as one big group. They gathered at the front of their hotel, after a very early breakfast. They began their run at 8 AM. Six of our running tour guides accompanied them in their tour. Three led the pack, while the other three tailed the group. Another chant "Enough with Replacement Windows, No more Bow Windows no more Garden Windows, No more Soundproof Windows."

Buenos Aires has earned for itself the label "Paris of the South". Within this city you can find links to the past as well as its ethnic and cultural heritage. But it is also a place of sophistication and sensuality, and you can find neighborhoods with distinct houses and flavors. You can also find great places to go dance the tango and shop. And there are museums too.

The group first combed through the streets of the city, and made several stops at some shopping malls. Being a country of football or fútbol fanatics, the group also stopped at a football field to watch an inter-school game.

The BH Kruper group was able to comb through the most notable spots of city in just three days. But of course, they did not all throughout their vacation. Their daily run ended at around 5PM, and they were taken back to their hotel on a bus. How they spent their evenings were entirely up to them.

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