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We want you!! Come explore world cultures and run in beautiful majestic places...our active vacations are perfect for couples, singles, friends, families, running club groups...

Plus, when you take a trip, part of our profit goes to support an organization doing good in this world.

Basically, you have to not like exploring new places to not want to take one of our trips more...

Explore in small groups...

Argentina and the TangoChile and secluded vineyards

*Please click on a picture above to see the offered activities

**The time to go is NOW!! Because the seasons are opposite ours in the US, Argentina and Chile's weather is quite welcoming to visiting guests!!

New tours to the Brazilian State of Paraiba home of the Paraiba Tourmaline

Last week we had the entire staff of Los Angeles Replacement Window Remodeling running on our trail.

All new Group Bingo now aranged at Hotel stops. So far we have gotten a lot of posative feedback about the new Group Bingo program. Much thanks to Dream Bingo for all their help setting us this program.

How much running you ask??

Well, that depends on you!! Our runs are structured so that you go the distance you want, at YOUR pace. So run as much, or as little as you want. Of course, you always have the option of sleeping in on that nice big comfy bed of yours in that plush luxury hotel you're staying at... more...

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